Friday, December 24, 2010

Dean, wake up Dean

He lay in my bed as if he had died in his sleep. Morgue, the spirit in my house, no more than a smoke of blue dust, floated over the man's head.
'It won't be long now.' The spirit said.
'Shut up Morg! We have to save him.'
'Save him?' Morg snapped, his blue dust quivering over the man's forehead.
'He thought you were the ghost he was hunting.'
'He almost killed me!'
I played with my fingers through the man's hair. His face was so white and cold but I knew he must have looked very handsome if not under a spell. 'He can't kill you Morg, remember?' Morg saw himself most of the time as still human instead of a lost, transparent substance.
'So what? He can destroy me!'
'Well, he didn't, the ghost got to him instead and now he is the one who's hunted.'
'So we can dump his body right?'
'No, we can't dump his  body!' Now I snapped. 'He is still alive as long as he fights it and I can help him.'
'What will you do?' The dust was floating around me now.
'I'll take the pain away and make him remember love.'
'Love? Love? You're such a tramp! You'd use any excuse to kiss him, yes yes...kiss him!' He flew over my head violently and then touched all the walls in the room.'Dean Winchester is known for his looks and bravery! You want tot taste him, touch him yes yes'
'Get out.' I said calmly. When he kept flying around without listening I raised my hand. The blue dust flew out of the bedroom, the doors closing behind him.
'Now' I touched Dean's face with the back of my hand. It felt chill and hard. 'What will I do with you?'

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Deans fears vs his pleasures

I waved my left hand across the room sealing the spell he was under. If he'd die and become a spirit then I had to keep him in this room.
'Yes?' he answered from behind the shut doors.
'Find out where his brother is and bring him here.'
'What?! But he will...'
'Use a human form to approach him but try not to sound too much like you...'
I heard a sigh and the exit door slam.
'Now that's following order...' I said looking at Dean. I sat in bed next to him only he was laying like a funeral corpse and I was sitting on the white sheets as if it was Christmas morning. I put my hand on his heart and waited.
 'Aha!' I looked at his face once more: he looked unmoved and calm yet on the inside...'The little creep is giving you nightmares, huh?'
The ghost Dean came looking for was one of the evil conquerors. It entered your body and made you face your worst nightmares or childhood memories you so well buried deep inside. It made you suffer, be consumed by your own nightmares and fears until you would give up and die. On the outside you already looked dead so that the ghost, Coshmar, could do its job undisturbed. Dean confused Morg with Coshmar when he entered this 15th century building. Coshmar took advantage of the situation when Dean tried to trap Morg and attacked Dean winning. Few moments later I arrived home finding Dean in my bed and finding Morg freaking out that this was one of the Winchester brothers.
I bend over Dean's elegant body and laid my hand on his stomach. Did I mention that Morg took all of Dean's clothes off so he can sell them to the Winchester fans when they would found out about his death? Not that I had anything to complain about. Don't worry I am not a perv. He was perfectly covered up to his waist. I felt the energy from his stomach and moved on. I touched his lips with the top of my fingers. This too gave me a lot of energy. I finally touched his eyelids.
'Wow!' I backed up. Surely I should have guessed that someone who's been send to hell and back would find that journey as his most terrifying experience. Lucky for me to share it with him while I touched his delicate skin.
'All right, now we know.' I said to myself. By touching Dean's skin I found out what he liked and what he disliked, his best experiences and his worst nightmares. The nightmares were the ones he was wrestling with right now. I only needed to make him remember the best experiences. Now I knew what to do.
I reached for his neck again only now I kissed it few times. I then reached for one of his cold cheeks and kissed it few times  too only to end on his full lips. I went back to his cheek and then on his neck kissing it along the artery. It was hot...his neck felt like sand under Californian sun. The heat changed into steam and the steam into a small, shinning black bubble exiting his skin and floating in the air. It rushed over my head only to be hitting the protection wall I had created. It stood in one corner as if pushing through the ceiling.
'That's better.' I smiled. I looked at the black bubble and saw it. It felt like looking into a crystal ball. I saw one of Dean's nightmares: his father died.
That's what I had to do. Dean's favorite things had to be simulated to outdrive Dean's horrific experiences. By touching his skin I knew what he liked and what he hated. He loved his parents, his brother, food He hated thinking of his dyeing parents and hell. I did not know what sweet memory would outdrive which nightmare but I knew I had to try them all.
I already simulated a sort of sex method by kissing him...or did I need to go any further? Not that I minded that. Ach...Morg was right, maybe I was just a tramp. Anyway by simulating what he liked I reminded him of something he loved and one of the nightmares that Coshmar was holding him down by, his father's death, was now out. Three more to go and Dean could be saved.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sam, it's all right

'His mother.' I said. The next horrible memory was his mother's death. I took one of Dean's cold hands and held it until my warmth crossed over. I gave him memories of my own mother trying to manipulate the memories he had and create even better ones of his own mother. That gave me the power to extend it to the love of his parents, family but I could not reach the love of brotherhood yet. I hoped Morg would find Sam soon as he was the only one who'd be able to remind him of their unbreakable bond.
The hand moved. Dean's hand moved! I kept it in my hand as his fingers closed on mine. Another bubble burst from his heart and it too could not pass the wall. I kept it trapped together with the first one.
'All right, so far so good. Food! How do you simulate food?' I started smiling at the idea and put my hand on his muscled stomach. His body, white like marble and perfectly sculpted and his chest so beautifully shaped made me reconsider the whole sex simulation...Don't be a whore, I told to myself.
I kept my hand on his stomach and thought of all the sweets, fast food, Asian, Italian, American, all kinds of specialties, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas ,Easter, New year and I turned them all in a dream Dean would enjoy tasting.
There it went, another bubble came out of his chest and joined the other. But even so the last bubble had to come from the mouth in order for Dean to finish off the Coshmar. And time was not on outside. Come on Morg, do something!
Dean raised his hand again and I reached for it.
'You'll be all right, just keep on fighting it, Dean.'
I looked at the black bubbles in one corner of the ceiling showing me horrifying images. One was of his mother killed, the other of some hell moments, but the worse was left inside Dean. If I'd wait too long the Coshmar would either kill him with what was left or would recreate all the horrors making me start all over again. Not that I wouldn't mind doing the first task again, I would probably do it much better this time.
I was a sorceress all right but my powers ...and urges had their limits after all. I could not save Dean just by intensifying one of the things he loved (although I could have tried) all of the components needed to come to light and that included his...
'Dean!' I heard shouting and smiled.
'I'm in here!' I shouted back as I opened the bedroom doors. Sam was standing before me, his face bewildered. He looked at the aura surrounding the room and the black bubbles in the corner.
'It's all right Sam, come in.' He came slowly holding a riffle in his hand. When he saw Dean he put it aside and watched him worried.
'Put your hand on his forehead.' He did it without questioning my method. Thank God Morg explained the situation to him.
I held my hand on Dean's and tried to empower Sam's emotions.
'Think of your best times together, since childhood. Think of every time you laughed together and think of them in all of their details.'

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

For the next moments nothing happened. Sam looked at me.

'Keep on thinking of those good times Sam, don't let any worries enter your heart.'

Another few moments passed. I sensed a vibration and before I could figure out what it was I saw Sam look at Dean. The bed started shacking, the walls seemed to be trembling and Dean was raising up.

'Keep him down Sam!' But Sam was already doing that.

´What´s happening?' He asked as he put his whole bodyweight into pushing Dean down.

´The ghost is trying to get away and take Dean with it.´ I concluded.

The room was spinning, making noises as if there were fireworks all around us. The only thing I was seeing was Morg outside the room, still in a child's body, biting his nails and staring at us nervously.

'Look!' Shouted Sam staring at Dean´s face. Dean´s face was changing, his eyes opened and they were light blue staring at the ceiling. His lips parted and suddenly screams came out as if he wasn´t even the one screaming. He looked like a robot trying to express emotions. The bed shook more violently, the screams were unbearable and Dean´s body was too strong for Sam to hold down.  Sam jumped on Dean placing his arm on Dean´s neck. I decided to jump on Dean as well and keep his legs from struggling. He kept screaming and shacking like a wild animal.

´He can´t get away.´ I shouted, my voice too soft compared to the screaming.

The screaming suddenly ended. Dark blue smoke came out of Dean´s mouth. The smoke filled the room  and Dean started coughing. At least it sounded like his own human cough.

Sam took out a small bottle of holy water out of his pocket and read a fragment of the Rituale Romanum. The smoke gathered in one dark spot and flew against Sam knocking him to the ground.

I raised my left hand towards the smoke and locked it in place. At that moment Sam stood up and continued the ritual throwing holy water on the smoke. It started crying like a baby. I felt its power trying to get away and my hand trembled struggling to keep it in place.

I took a glimpse at Dean. He was still in bed holding his head in his hands.

Sam continued the incantation, the screams went on and my arm really hurt.

As soon as Sam said the last latin word, he held something in his hand and the smoke burst into small light pieces that first hit the ceiling and now were coming down slowly. They looked like small golden marbles floating all over the room. I looked at Sam.

´Now what?'

'In dad's journal it says we must collect all the lights and set them free in the open air. These lights are nightmares of the spirits that have now turned into beautiful dreams ready to reach the heavens.'

'Really?' I said doubting. Sam walked around the room admiring the little bubbles. I wondered what he saw in them.

'Coshmar, or the member of the evil conqueror, was a human once. He let his fears take control of him and became his own nightmare. He lived on the bad dreams of others, never being able to face himself.'

'So you knew what it was all along?'

'I only knew what my dad wrote. He never faced one but only heard about it from other hunters. That's why I didn't know how to get him out of Dean but I knew how to defeat him once he was out.;

'Holy water and latin?'

'And this.' He showed me a small mirror he held in his hand. 'I showed him his nightmare: himself. Facing it made him overcome his fear and create this.' He showed me the room.

'This is him finding peace within and changing all the nightmares the stole from others into beautiful dreams. He must be released in the sky in order to move on.'

'Like opening a window?'

'That could work.'

'Why am I naked?' I suddenly heard Dean talk. He stood in bed with the sheets covering his underbody. I could not help myself from a chuckle.

Sam looked shortly at Dean then turned to face me.

'Can you help me collect them?'

'I'm on it.' The protection shield I had set in the room started shrinking at my command creating a small but very sparkling bubble in the middle of the room. Morg entered quickly as if happy he could come in and opened a window. With a gesture of the hand I directed the bubble towards the window and released it outside.

Sam, Morg and I quickly looked out of the window to see the bubble become millions of sparkles and fly above. The bubbles looked like fireflies enchanting the sky.

'Beautiful' I head a child voice say.

'I know Morg, it's very pretty.'

'Can someone tell me what the hell is going on?' And why the hell am I naked?'

The child started laughing and I saw a smile across Sam's face.

'Really?' Dean's big eyes stared as we told him the whole story. Morg made sure I mentioned the 'sex part' and called me a whore once more.

'I don't know what to say.'

'You screwed up that's what you did.' Said Sam almost laughing. Dean gave him a look. We all sat in my living room as the boys enjoyed a drink. Morg was looking in John Winchester's journal pointing out the creatures he was familiar with. He was now in his usual dusty form as the child had to go home at one point. Sam seemed fascinated by him.

'So' said Dean when Sam was discussing something that looked terrible interesting with Morg.

'Was it true what your little friend said about you trying to stimulate my...dreams?'

He gave me one of his dashing smiles. I had to chuckle as a response.